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Advait Teleservices is one of the best Office security camera dealers in Pune. Protect yourself and your employees with a complete and professional grade video surveillance system that connects you to your entire office. While the office place may not need office security camera for the same reasons that a home or business would, there are still plenty of security risks involved. help give you the confidence to know that your business is secure  day and night, inside and outside.

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Why is office Security camera Importanat

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A security system will tell your employees that you take security seriously, which can help reduce the theft of belongings or important information.
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security cameras offer top of the line sharpness, clarity, and detail under all light conditions. Continuous recording ensures detailed video footage all day and night.
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Sometimes the best security comes when people know they're being watched. Install clearly visible security cameras in open areas to reassure the safety of employees.

Real Estate Security Camera

Covering areas in the Society such as Main Gate , Building Lobby, Staircase, inside Lifts , Parking Area , Play & Activity areas. Identify People and Vehicles at the Entry and Exit points. Recording available for one month or more

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Easy To Install

IP security cameras are easy to install yourself, and unlike analog CCTV camera’s, you can choose where to put your camera’s and reconfigure them according to your needs no appointments, laddersor power tools necessary.

Secure public places

Video surveillance makes it easy to keep your residents safe. Tenants will know that when they their property, apartment security camera’s are looking out for them.

High resolution images

Apartment Surveilance camera’s with digital features provide much higher resolution than their analog counter parts, providing high quality footage and no static.

Check footage anytime

A network of IP cameras managed by a NVR (network video recorder) allows you to broadcast your security camera footage over the internet. You can view your footage from anywhere in the world, and check up on any of your complexes at any time.
hd camera
HD Camera

Analogue Cameras which come in resolutions of 1.0MP, 2.0 MP and 5.0 MP. These HD CCTV cameras are suitable for Apartments, Shops and Offices.

ip camera
IP Camera

Digital Cameras which come in high resolutions of 2.0MP, 4.0MP and 8.0MP.IP cameras (Network Cameras) are suitable for Housing Societies, Factories & Corporate Offices.

wifi camera
Wi Fi Camera

Wireless IP Cameras with built SD card slot to store recordings, 2-way audio and Night Vision. Standalone cameras suitable for Apartments, Shops and Offices.

analog camera
Analog Security System

Looking for a more cost-effective security solution. A wired analog system will deliver continuous recording, up to 4K video, and long distance cabling options.

Bullet Camera

The camera can be mounted to survey a specific area, but it won’t have any pan, tilt, or zoom capabilities. Most bullet camera’s are also waterproof.

Digital IP Camera

Standalone Wi-Fi Camera’s are an easy elderly monitoring solution. These camera’s connect to your local network and record to an on-board microSD card.