Whatsapp Marketing Services

Reliable Communication offers a range of customized Whatsapp Marketing solutions for entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations to communicate their brand message, products and services to potential clients. Advait Teleservices  is one of  the best whatsapp marketing services company in Pune  Cost-effective bulk Whatsapp marketing services to reach your audience directly on their phone, which increases the chances of sale and business growth, Whatsapp Marketing Services with the data of high net worth clients in all over India, connect with us today

Whatsapp marketing services company in pune

What is Whatsapp Marketing

WhatsApp is a free mobile app that uses internet on the smartphone to chat, make voice calls, or video calls to other WhatsApp users without any charges. WhatsApp also allows sharing of files and images easily. Businesses are increasingly incorporating bulk WhatsApp marketing campaign strategy in their marketing plans because it is cross platform tool which works across devices like android, iPhone, blackberry, windows etc. WhatsApp is a powerful, interactive and effective marketing tool to reach large number of customers globally, through our Whatsapp marketing services you can get the data of high net worth clients in your targeted location who may be interested in buying your products or services, this saves you time and cost of involving into all other marketing tactics.

Benefits of Using Whatsapp Marketing Service

Helps To Connect Globally

WhatsApp Marketing service helps the business to connect with target customers who are present across the World.

Automated Marketing

The service providers will make use of the WhatsApp marketing software to automate the messages such that you can have good control over it.

Multimedia Support

In WhatsApp marketing, you can send the eye-catching messages along with image and video to grab the attention of the clients instantly.


Affordable Marketing

You can promote your product or service through Whatsapp marketing at a reasonable price when compared to other marketing techniques.

Engage with your Audience on Whatsapp

Promote Your Business Digitally

Benefits of Whatsapp Marketing services for your Business

Connect with People & Promote your product to wide Audience Base

Whatsapp marketing services company in pune

Connect with customers Digitally via WhatsApp


Share product description ,features , benefits, and pricing details with prospective buyers interactively via bulk SMS on WhatsApp and boost your sales graph.

Travel & Tourism

Attract more customers by marketing adventurous tour details along with flight details, hotel images , attractive site-seeing descriptions, etc to sell more travel packages.

Real Estate Agents

An ultimate marketing platform for real estate agents to display property listings with ens prospects in just few seconds.

Banking & Insurance

Promote existing and new financial schemes, fixed- deposit offerings , insurance products, and other services to inform and attract customers to purchase it.

College & universities

Educational institutions can share their admission prospectus , specific  program details with aspirants based on the program-specific keywords mentioned in the WhatsApp message.

Malls & Retails Outlets

You can share detailed information about any particular product, entire product catalog, product-wise deals, festival discounts, etc with customers to promote outlet sales.

WhatsApp Bulk SMS (Submission)

10K WhatsApp SMS
INR 2000
50K WhatsApp SMS
INR 8000
1Lac WhatsApp SMS
INR 12000
5Lac WhatsApp SMS
INR 50000

WhatsApp Bulk SMS (Delivery)

10K WhatsApp SMS
INR 2500
50K WhatsApp SMS
INR 10000
1Lac WhatsApp SMS
INR 16000
5Lac WhatsApp SMS
INR 70000

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